Welcome to my personal blog space.

Quite some time ago, I developed a habit of taking notes whenever I felt like I have an exciting idea. Which admittedly is not a very frequent occurrence. Turns out note-taking is a good exercise - kind of like swapping memory pages into long term storage. It frees your working memory.

It is also interesting to revisit notes from time to time. “what was I thinking back then?” or “Hey - this is not a bad idea at all!”. There are, however, downsides to taking notes - they do get lost. And it is never a good thing to lose good ideas. Even worse - no one else can see these ideas. Shocking, I know.

If only there were a way to store notes in a way that they were easy to share with the world? Maybe throw in version control too.

Oh! Of course - there is a technology for that :) So - here we are. Version controlled persistent and shareable memory dump, also known as a ‘blog’.

In this blog, I want to focus on Software Engineering in general and modern C++ in particular. With occasional musing about life in general.